Sayounara Japan

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December 17, 2009

I thought I didn’t want to open my eyes. I wanted to be here longer … I felt dreams come true … Here, I quickly got good friends from various regions and countries that didn’t differentiate between race, religion and nation. Everyone united and had fun together.

Departure time from Marroad Narita International Hotel for Indonesia was 08.20 a.m. The first to go was the Philippines at 7:00, followed by India at 7:15, Malaysia at 7:45 and Thailand at 8:00. Australia at 08.30, and finally New Zealand at 08:45. I felt the hardest to part with children from Thailand and Malaysia, because they were the closest to me. Finally, I just shed tears … I had been crying a lot since at night, again? Well, but still I could keep in touch via social media.

When I was at the airport, I met Momo-san and other tour guides. I immediately hugged Momo-san, Momo-san said I had to go back to Japan. Later she would be my guide. Wow … Momo-san. T.T

When I started to board and there was check for belongings for the cabin, again I brought something that had to be discarded, liquid soap that was more than 100 ml in size. I forgot that it should be put into the baggage, not the bag that we brought to the cabin. Hufft ~

Finally, after waiting, the plane started to depart. When we departed from Jakarta, the plane we were traveling with was JAL 726, now the plane was JAL 725. The plane took off at 11:10.

Hufft ~ I couldn’t sleep, I saw it on the LCD, the plane went far away, leaving Japan. Upon returning to Indonesia, we still had to take part in re-orientation at Wisma Handayani for two days. We had a lot to evaluate so that the future program would be better.

Japan, one word for you. Impressive! Kyou no hiwa sayounara, mata au himade. I will return to Japan as soon as possible.^^

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