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Indeed, writing requires a mood. Because of I am in the mood of writing, I want to post several articles today.

So, for the last 4 years, there has been a change in my lifestyle. I’ve been decluttering my items and trying to buy only items I really need. Initially, when I was at the final year at ITB, I felt stressed with my thesis and was stuck in my room. After I contemplated, I felt that there were too many unnecessary items in my room, whether they were displays or unused clothes. Especially for clothes, although I have several clothes, it is often only certain clothes that I wear. Finally, I decided to sort them. Only items that were really important that I kept, the others I sold at low prices, gave to friends who want, or given to those in need. After that, somehow I felt happy and excited to write my thesis, hahaha. Finally, even now it becomes a habit for me buying things that I only need.

I realize that I can’t give up fashion. I can’t be like Mark Zuckerberg who only wears a gray shirt, or Steve Jobs with his black turtleneck. When I feel I need to buy a new cloth, the unused clothes will be donated. Now in my closet, usually there are only about 8 pairs of daily outfits (outside the nightgown, outers, and traditional clothes). I usually buy bags or shoes if they are already damaged. With few clothes, I feel easier and faster to choose my outfit of the day (OOTD). I am not confused what to use because I already know what to wear. So discounted clothes or accessories can’t attract me, except cashback or discounted food, hahaha.

I remember the time when I moved to dormitory in Munich, I was helped by my senior, using his car to move. He thought that because I am a woman, I must have a lot of items. As based on his previous experiences when helping women to move, women always have a lot of items. Even he invited two bodyguards (friends), to help. If my belongings did not fit in the car, they would carry by using U-Bahn. Apparently … he was shocked by my belongings. After a year of living in Germany, I only brought 1 large suitcase, 1 small suitcase, and 2 hand luggages. He said, if he knew I only had few items, he didn’t need to bring bodyguards, hahaha.

My experience living in various places also made me learn efficiency in terms of building a house and choosing ergonomic furniture. Build by prioritizing functions and how easy to clean it. No need for complicated design, the important thing is clean. In the past, I also didn’t like to see things that were too complicated design or seeing huge and luxurious furniture. One of my dream homes is like in Korean drama, Full House! ^^

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